Wednesday, October 10, 2007

waiting for the screams of the dying to propel us into action ?

We often watch in movies that when the hero of the movie faces a tragedy like the murder of a loved one to take action and destroy the villain...

In real life though the state of affairs are even more pitiful.... From a point where we need to prevent bad things from happening people usually wait till something bad happens befor they change themselves or take the necessary action.

In real life though I have started thinking why i should wait for something to happen before i am propelled into action.

When we read stories of great people we come across incidents in their lives that had a lasting effect and caused the to do what they did and become what they are. When people talk about achievements they talk about the over whelming odds against which they succeeded,....

But what of the people who do not have that many challenges. who are not facing dire things in life... We usually hear of a person who succeeded against overwhelming odds. What about the common man who does not face overwhelming odds.

In an era when most evils are being considered as part of life what can be done ?

When will he rise up to the occasion. When will we start acting before the screams reach our ears ?

The time is near...

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